Mac OS About ThankYouWare

ThankYouWare is a collection of programs that I, Roland Gustafsson, have written through the years... originally for my own use but then I thought, "hey, this would be useful for other Macintosh users."

All of the main ThankYouWare applications are shareware. Download them, try them out, and then please register them. For personal, non-profit use, a simple "thank you" email is adequate.

Another way to say "thank you" is to check out some of the other projects that I've recently worked on:

ThankYouWare FAQ

I have an idea for an application. Do you accept suggestions?
I do accept suggestions for future ThankYouWare applications. You can email me your suggestions, and I will take a look at them and determine if they are feasible.

Do you plan to continue supporting Mac OS 9, or are all your new applications going to be developed for Mac OS X only?
Mac OS X is the future of the Macintosh platform. However, I will continue to support Mac OS 9 until it no longer makes any sense to do so.

Do you have any plans to make Windows versions of your applications?

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