GammaToggleX GammaToggle version 1.22 - 07/28/05
GammaToggle offers an easy way to toggle back and forth between gamma settings, from within any application, allowing for a simple way to view how graphics look on both PCs and Macs. Mac OS 8/9 and OS X savvy.

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PresentMovie PresentMovie version 1.51b1 - 02/25/04
Display full-screen QuickTime compatible movies (.mov, .mpg or VCDs) quickly and efficiently, without having to go through any of the multiple steps required in QuickTime Pro. Mac OS 8/9 and OS X savvy.

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Mac OS 9 and earlier software:

SimpleBackup version 1.61 - 12/21/99
SimpleBackup is a very simple and easy to use file backup utility that offers an elegant and quick-and-easy way to back up all those files that are spread out over the hard disk; in the preferences folder, in the documents folder, certain folders and files in the applications folder, etc...

IMG SRC Helper version 1.1 - 02/26/99
IMG SRC Helper creates full references to images in HTML files, and is useful when processing many images at once - such as for "photo album" pages.

AppHider version 1.3 - 03/02/97
Drag & and application to AppHider and the app will be "hidden" from the Finder. AppHider comes in handy when you have two versions of the same app and you want the Finder to temporarily use the older version when launching documents.

EmptyTrashFast version 1.02 - 03/15/96
EmptyTrashFast empties the trash on all mounted volumes; quicker than the finder and without any warning messages.

PICT/TEXTtoClip version 1.0 - 03/15/95
PICT/TEXTtoClip offers the ability to drag a PICT of TEXT file to the application, and it will be automatically placed on the clipboard. Useful when programs support pasting functions, but don't have an import option.

Utilities for programmers/developers (Mac OS 8/9 only):

FKEY Trick version 1.0 - 04/27/95
FKEY trick allows you to store all of your FKEY functions in an otherwise empty Font suitcase, and then drop it into the Fonts folder.

File Stripper Utilities version 1.0 - 07/05/94
File Stripper Utilities allows you to strip DATA fork, RSRC fork or RSRC names from files.

PICT Utilities version 1.0 - 06/30/94
PICT Utilities helps to speed up the processing of PICT files and resources during the development of PICT-intensive applications.

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